Why IV Wellness?”

Radiate beauty, inside and out! At Edans Med Spa, we embrace the power of holistic wellness. Our rejuvenating IV cocktails nourish your mind, body, and soul with vital amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, unveiling your natural glow.


“Which IV Cocktails will be offered?”

Edans Med Spa will offer cocktails such as NAD+, a molecule essential to the mitochondria of our cells; Glutathione, comprised of amino acids cysteine, glycine, and glutamic acid, to remove toxins from our brain and blood; and Magnesium Chloride, a mineral that maintains the function of our nerves, cells, bones, muscles, and heart. 
Other cocktails can be offered based on patient’s request and pre-order. 


“How will the IV process work?” 

After scheduling your IV Wellness Treatment, you will determine which cocktail would best suit you based on the benefits of the cocktail and the symptoms you personally experience. Either a nurse practitioner or a trained injector will hook you up to your IV line and you will remain at the office for the entirety of your treatment. Get comfy! 

 “How long does each treatment last?” 

The time frame of each treatment is determined by the dosage of the cocktail. Some IV cocktails can take up to 4 hours to administer, while others only take an hour. Other cocktails have to be administered throughout the course of a week. To ensure optimal hygiene and continuity of treatment, our nurse practitioner or injector will devise a personalized plan for maintaining cleanliness and securing the inserted line. Throughout your week, you will receive daily visits to the spa until the completion of your cocktail infusion.


All IV Treatments (excluding NAD+): $150.00
NAD+: $450.00 (500mg)
NAD+: $275.00 (250mg)
Vit B12 Injection   $20
Vit D Injection       $45
Vit C Injection       $35

“What is Hormonal Imbalance?”

Hormonal Imbalance is when the normal regulation of your hormones becomes disrupted. Many women with hormonal imbalances never receive treatment because the symptoms of hormonal imbalance are so common and can seem unrelated to any condition. When in fact, many chronic, long-term conditions can be associated with hormonal imbalances. 


“What are symptoms of imbalanced hormones?”

 Symptoms of Imbalanced Hormones are as follows:
  • Excessive hair loss
  • Development of dark facial or body hair
  • Weight gain and difficulty losing weight 
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Hot flashes
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Consistent fatigue 
  • Lack of sex drive 
  • Anxiety and depression 


“How can BHRT help?”

Bioidentical Hormonal Therapy, or pellet therapy, mimics the same hormones in you body to ensure you’re 100% balanced. 


“What are the pellets made of?”

Pellets are compounded with Estradiol and Testosterone derived from organic plant materials. These plant materials have the exact molecular structure of those hormones found in the body.


“What are the benefits of BHRT?”

Benefits of BHRT are as follows:

  • Restful sleep 
  • Regained energy
  • Regulated weight 
  • Improved mental health and memory 
  • Resolved hair issues
  • No more hot flashes


New Patient Consultation Fee: $150.00
Female Hormone Pellet Insertion Fee: $330.00
Male Hormone Pellet Insertion Fee: $625.00
Male Hormone Pellet Insertion Fee (>2000mg): $725.00